Alice and Albert Netter days

The Days Alice and Albert Netter of the European Society of Gynecology are organized successively in various European countries. The purpose are to reinforce the links between the ESG and the organizing national societies of gynecology and obstetrics, to support the exchanges and to familiarize the gynecologists and obstetricians of a country, with the progressive structuring of a current of medical gynaecological thought of European scope. European leaders of opinion and those of the country concerned are invited to exchange their points of view on a specific topic and to confront their expertises and their opinions.
The next Albert Netter meetings will be announced soon

Previous editions

Latvia 2018
Wrocław 2016
Capri 2014
Paris 2010
Algarve 2008
Barcelona 2006
Liege 2004
Coimbra 2002

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