The Society

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The purpose of the Association is to study and to promote the advances in the gynaecology, obstetrics and reproductive organs medicine fields to be carried out by:

  1. organising biennial international congress and participating in the organisation of the biennial event, “Alice & Albert Netter Days”;
  2. increasing contacts among experts in the gynaecology, obstetrics and reproductive organs medicine in the European countries;
  3. promoting and spreading the clinical and biological investigation in the field;
  4. contributing to the teaching provided by its members and to the promotion of the gynaecology, obstetrics and reproductive organs medicine culture;
  5. organising, preparing, holding and taking part in international and national meetings and in congresses, schools and courses on topics related to the purpose of the Association;
  6. promoting research projects and experience exchange among the single members of the Association;
  7. participating and cooperating with other entities, associations or groups having similar purposes or purposes related to the ones of the Association;
  8. providing a platform to promote the standpoints. In order to achieve this purpose, apart from organising congresses, symposiums and work groups, the Association can be supported by a website and by sending newsletters. The Association will also support the publication of books, journals and articles related to such purposes as well as other multimedia products.

The Association takes on and continues all the activities of “Société Européenne de Gynécologie (SEG.)”, a non-profit association with registered office in Paris, not-registered with the Chamber of Commerce, also known as “European Society of Gynecology” (ESG) in the international relations.