Board of directors


Founding Chairmen

  •  Albert Netter
  •  Alice Netter-Lambert

Founding members

  •  Clara Pélissier-Langbort
  •  David Serfaty
  •  Hoang Ngoc Minh

Honorary President Emeritus 

  •  Clara Pélissier-Langbort

Honorary Presidents

  • Agostino de Almeida Santos ✝
  •  Philippe Bouchard

Past Presidents

  •  Joaquim Calaf
  •  Karl Thomas

Executive Committee

Andrea Genazzani
Vice President
Michelle Nisolle
Past President
David Serfaty
Tommaso Simoncini
Deputy Secretary-General
Mark Brincat
Andrzej Milewicz
Deputy Treasurer
Camil Castelo Branco

Board members

Leyla Adamyan
Ana Teresa Almeida Santos
Stefano Angioni
Pedro Barri
Joelle Belaisch-Allart
Johannes Bitzer
Pavel Calda
Nathalie Chabbert-Buffet
Frederic Chantraine
Andrea Giannini
Jean Michel Foidart
Ali Kubba
Blazej Meczekalski
Alfred Mueck
Joseph Schenker
Sven O. Skouby
Tetiana Tatarchuk
Yves Ville

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