ESOG course: Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgery

The European School of Obstetrics and Gynecology has successfully delivered its first course on the 13-14th December in Paris.

The course, chaired by Professors Michelle Nisolle (Liege) and Tommaso Simoncini (Pisa), was dedicated to “Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgery” and it was organized with some of the major European Experts, in this challenging field.

Professor Michelle Nisolle comments: “During the first ESOG course more than 100 participants received precise information on several surgical procedures such as myomectomy, tubal and adnexal surgery, ovarian endometriosis as well as deep and ureteral endometriosis, prolapsus and hysterectomy. Moreover, wonderful didactic videos illustrated the oral presentation of all the speakers. The main advantage of this course was the possibility for 60 participants to perform suturing exercises for 3 hours as 30 pelvic trainers were available. All the participants appreciated the practical teaching that all speakers agreed to give on the 2th day.”

The ESOG is also happy to announce the date and the topic of the next course:
Imaging in Gynecology and its impact on the management of the patient: the role of imaging in common uterine and adnexal pathologies – Paris 28/29 November 2019.

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