Report: The 9th Alice and Albert Netter Days in Latvia – November 2018

From 1 – 3 November Latvia hosted the 9th Alice and Albert Netter Days of the European Gynecological Society.

The event was organized by the Latvian Society of Gynecological Endocrinology in partnership with the European Society of Gynecology.

Professor Ineta Vasaraudze, member of the Organizing Committee, reports: “The Scientific Program of the Meeting was based on the goals of the ESG. It included the broading of the contacts between the experts of the field of reproduction medicine in various European countries.  Another aim was promotion and spreading of the clinical and biological research.

The meeting offered a diverse and updated scientific program in the area of gynecology and gynecological endocrinology. The program was mostly devoted to the practical aspects of the problems which doctors face on daily basis. The topic of the event was providing an insight into a woman’s health from childhood to menopause. We gave doctors and scientists from different countries an opportunity to discuss important questions and to find common views about a woman’s health.

The main topics of the presentations were: Puberty and Adolescence, The Role of Androgens in Women and Menꞌs  Life, Endometriosis and Adenomyosis in Fertile Women, Fertility, Endocrine Disorders During Pregnancy, Impact of Eating Disorders on Reproduction, Clinical Challenges in the Menopause Transition.
The introductory lecture on Female Brain and Sex Steroids was given by Professor Andrea Genazzani, but in the opening lecture ex-President of Latvian Association of endocrinologists, Professor Ilze Konrade spoke about Stress and Reproduction.
Presentations on a woman’s health were also given by Prof. Žana Bumbuliene( LT), ESG ex-president Dr. David Serfaty( FR), prof. Michelle Nisolle( BE ), Prof. Joseph Schenker( IL), Prof. Joseph Schenker( IL), Prof. Joseph Schenker( IL), Prof. Andrzej Milewitcz( PL), Prof. Pavel Calda( CZ), Prof. Irena Ilovayskaya( RU ), Prof. Andrzej Milewitcz( PL), Doc. Lina Zabuliene( LT), Prof. Tommaso Simoncini(IT), Prof. Johannes Bitzer(CH).

The wide range of nations represented in the event allowed us to compare problem solutions in different countries and cultures and to see what we have in common.
We were glad to see that foreign guests and local listeners highly appreciated presentations by Latvian professionals: Dr. Lāsma Līdaka, Dr. Andris Ābele, Dr. Juris Ērenpreiss, Dr. Violeta Fodina, Prof. Ilzes Konrade, Dr. Tatjana Zaķe ,Doc. Laila Meija.

The event was attened by 176 participants from the Baltic countries who were keen on listening to the topical issues all three days of the conference. They also actively participated in the questions-answers session after the presentations.

At the end of the event the speakers and participants thanked us for the well organized and highly scientific conference. Everyone got a take-home message, which they can apply in their daily lives.
We thank again the great lecturers and the wonderful participants!”

Professor Andrea Genazzani, President of the European Society of Gynecology, comments: “I’m very satisfied with the lively participation of the delegates in all the debates and presentations and over the excellent organization of the conference.
We look forward to the next Alice and Albert Netter Days!”

Further information about the 10th Alice and Albert Netter Days will be available soon on this website.